Wellness Wednesday – Week 17

Learn About the Safer Choice Label

EPA-Environmental Protection Agency reports a new label:

Time for Spring Cleaning?  Check out the new label for environmental safety factors for you, your home, and family.


safe choice

Finding cleaning and other products that are safer for you, your family, and the environment should be easy — that’s why the EPA developed a new “Safer Choice” label. All of us play a role in protecting our families’ health and the environment. Products with the Safer Choice label help consumers and commercial buyers identify and select products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance.

More than 2,000 products currently qualify to carry the Safer Choice label. Safer Choice products are available for your home at retail stores and for use in businesses like schools, hotels, offices, and sports venues.

For more information on products available go to :  http://www2.epa.gov/saferchoice

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