Wellness Wednesday – Week 28

For Every Hour You Sit, Get up and Move for 2 Minutes!

A study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJAMSN) suggests that for every hour of sedentary activity (sitting at your desk, for example) we should do two (2) minutes of light-intensity activity (like walking).  WHY?  The outcome of the study stated that doing so was linked to a 33% lower mortality in the general population and a 41% lower mortality rate in those with chronic kidney disease based on the observational analysis published April 30th (see http website below).

Previous studies have suggested that sitting for long periods may increase the risk for chronic disease and early death.  So… don’t risk getting a chronic disease or an early death!  We want you around for a long time.  If you have been sitting at your desk for an hour and are reading this article, get up and walk for 2 minutes. Live well, live longer.


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