Wellness Wednesday – Week 32

Negative Consequences of Obesity

Did you know that…

Obesity has more negative health consequences than smoking?

67% of the U.S. population is overweight/obese?

An overweight or obese employee’s health care costs are more than one third higher each year than the health care costs of a healthy weight individual?

This information came from Weight Watchers and that’s why the STARS Employee Healthcare Program would like to offer Weight Watcher classes to all TRC employees.  Depending on interest, we would like to offer either a 12 or 17 week class both in Jamestown and Dunkirk.  Employees can pay for this by payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card.  This cost can be reimbursed using FSA monies with written documentation from a Doctor.  A discount for this class will be applied to any STARS enrolled employee, amount to be determined.

If interested in attending Weight Watchers, please email or call Donna Trusso, STARS Project Manager, at 661-4795 at your earliest convenience.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stay well!

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