Wellness Wednesday – Volume 2 – Week 31

Choosemyplate.gov – A Great Resource

In today’s day and age, there are various opinions and principles surrounding weight loss, nutritious eating and exercise. We have access to a phenomenal resource right at our fingertips. ChooseMyPlate.gov is an online resource from the USDA Center for Nutrition. ChooseMyPlate.gov focuses on making small life style changes to eat healthier and to increase physical activity. It is geared for adults, children, professionals, and families and is jam packed full of online resources, tips and suggestions for today’s person who is looking for direction in making a lifestyle change and taking control of what they are eating and drinking. Included in this website are ideas, pictures, graphs and recipes to help those who are not quite sure how to start. It also reviews the food pyramid and explains what is needed in each food category to comprise a well-balanced meal.

For example, this week, ChooseMyPlate.gov sent an email that gives tips and trick on how to eat healthy on a budget (see links below). All the resources needed to accomplish this are available on the website. This week’s Wellness Wednesday is geared toward getting you to the ChooseMyPlate.gov website and utilizing all that it has to offer.

Attached to this page are four links (1 is the direct link to the site, the other 3 are the links to the weekly topic of eating healthy on a budget):
1. ChooseMyPlate.gov
2. 2 week menu plan
3. Grocery list (for 2 week menu plan)
4. Recipes (for 2 week menu plan)

Take some time and look through ChooseMyPlate.gov. It has a wealth of information to get you started on a path to healthier living!!!!!!!

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