Wellness Wednesday – Volume 2 – Week 48


Dear TRC Family,

As the holiday season are filled with get-togethers, traditional celebrations, and holiday parties, you might need a few strategies and tips to help you keep that “ho-ho-ho “ as you’re on the go…go…go…

December can be chock full of celebrations, traditions, and family time, but it can also be the most anxious time of the year.  To help manage holiday stress, check out A Mindful Approach to Holiday Stress.  This article touches on different ways to keep the anxiety of the season in check allowing you can enjoy this time of year.

Soon after Thanksgiving, it is not unusual to find your healthy diet and exercise regimens go out the window.  The article Have a Holiday Game Plan helps you ready yourself and maintain a positive attitude as you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays.

Holiday parties are always difficult with all the treats, chips, dips and indulgences that tempt you this time of year.  The Art of The Office Holiday Party gives you some sensible strategies and tips to enjoy the party without the next day guilt.

Looking for that no guilt holiday treat?  Try these delicious Chocolate Candy Cane Triangles that are festive and flavorful, but contain a secret ingredient that makes them only 3 Weight Watchers SmartPoints per serving.  Perfect for the season.

Healthy Holidays!


Source: 12/05/2016  Weight Watchers newsletter   www.weightwatchers.com

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