COVID-19 Info

Chautauqua Count Dept. of Health Info

Below you will find the Chautauqua County Department of Health’s website.  You can find daily updates regarding COVID-19 and various other resources available for residents of Chautauqua County.

Be safe, wash your hands, flatten the curve.

Opportunity from Work Partners!

During this unprecedented public health crisis, we are making a complimentary version of our proven cognitive behavioral therapy app called Brain Manager to help you and your teams manage the stress and anxiety associated with these recent days.

This complimentary version will be available to everyone at your organization for six (6) months through September, 2020.

Accessing the app is easy via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and using the code “calmnow”.

SAFER Information #2

Below you will find more information on services that are available that may be able to offer some assistance during this ever changing time.

Flattening the Curve!

No words needed.  This illustrates the outcome of distancing and “flattening the curve.”

COVID-19 Resources

SAFER Information

Below you will find some information to assist individuals and their families during this time.  It is from SAFER:  Supporting and Facilitating Employee Retention. More information will follow soon.

Employee Challenge

With everything that’s going on with the COVID-19 crisis, I think we could use some fun right now.

Let’s have a CHALLENGE where the residents of each house creates a poster for their home that’s full of information regarding COVID-19: “maintain social distancing (6 feet minimum) for roommates and staff”, “remember to wash your hands”, “Check for 100.0 temp”, “No visitors”, “don’t come in if you have a cough or fever”, etc….

Not only will this serve as an educational tool for healthy practices, but it will also encourage everyone to do our part with preventing the spread of the virus.

Participating houses are asked to display their completed posters in their house or on their door AND to share the completed poster on the STARS Facebook page so everyone can see (and hopefully learn something new)!

Let’s make these posters bright and colorful and eye catching and we’ll pick our favorite next week and announce it on our STARS Facebook Page!

You can find us on Facebook by clicking here.

Let’s all do our part to help with the COVID-19 crisis and have some fun while we’re doing it!

Suggestions for DSPs

Click here to find some suggestions for DSP’s to keep in mind/practice when working.

Be well.

Pets and COVID-19

Here’s a great resource for all you pet parents out there on how to keep them safe during the COVID-19 crisis:

Also don’t forget to pick up their flea and heartworm medication because spring is almost here.

Child Care Options

Information on potential child care options from the Child Care Council.

Click here to view a letter to essential business providers.  The Resource Center has been deemed essential business.

Activities to do with kids during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here is some really good information on activities to do while at home with your families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NADSP COVID-19 Information

NADSP has corona virus information that we would like to share to all employees.

Please visit this link:

COVID-19 Infographics

Here’s a great resource from the World Health Organization full of infographics, facts, myth busters and more:

Stay healthy everyone and remember to wash those hands!

The Coronavirus Explained and What You Should Do

Surviving the Coronavirus

Click here for just a small list to help you discover various ways to keep busy during this unprecedented time.  The possibilities are endless, but this is a starting point for which you can start. Be creative!  Have fun!  Wash those hands!

Teledoc Information

Did you know that our insurance carrier, Independent Health, offers a service where you can be seen by a physician via your mobile device without ever leaving your home? It’s called Teledoc and you can be taking advantage of this service today! In a time where social distancing is paramount, a virtual appointment with a real doctor may make all the difference in your health and the health of your loved ones.

HR Update on COVID-19

Wellness Tips COVID-19 Stress Management

Let’s face it, we’re all probably dealing with a little more stress and anxiety than we’re accustomed to as we navigate our way through the unfamiliar world of COVID-19.

Here’s a great resource from the CDC on how to cope with the stress and anxiety that this virus is causing for all of us:

How to Prepare for COVID-19

COVID-19 Coronavirus Safety Tips

Please take a moment to read this series of guidance and safety tips regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus created by the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services:

COVID-19 Health Tip

Here is some helpful info from the World Health Organization regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19):  Don’t forget to wash those hands!