Frequent Asked Questions and Answers regarding the TRC STARS Healthcare plan

Q: Are we required to use TRC Primary Care (PC) Doctor to be eligible for the TRC Enhanced Plan?

A: We listened to our employees and made a change in enrolling in TRC STARS Healthcare Plan for 2015. You DO NOT need to change your PC doctor to enroll in 2015 TRC STARS Healthcare Plan.

Q: Can we use benefit time when we are scheduled to see the Healthcare Coach?

A: Consistent with TRC policy for time off for medical appointments, you may use your accrued benefit time to see the Healthcare Coach or you can schedule an appointment during non-work hours if you do not have any benefit time accrued.  Supervisor approval required.

Q:  I recently had blood work done as ordered by my Doctor.  Do I really need to sign up for a Biometric Screening, too?

A:  Yes.  If you are currently enrolled in STARS and plan to continue or are not in STARS, but would like to sign up during open enrollment, you must register for a Biometric Screening appointment online by 11/25/15.  Even though you just had blood work done, biometrics are very comprehensive and are free of charge to the employee.

Q:  Last year my husband also participated in Biometrics through TRC.  Can he sign up again this year?

A:  No.  This year, Biometric Screenings are not being offered to spouses.

Q: Who can I contact with any questions about TRC STARS Healthcare Plan?

A:  Donna Trusso, STARS Project Manager at 716-661-4795

Q:  Who will be the Healthcare Coach and what if I do not match well with that person?

A:  A variety of trained professionals from TRC will serve as Healthcare Coaches.  The Healthcare Coach that is assigned to you will contact you to schedule an appointment at one of several conveniently-located TRC facilities.  Any specific questions or concerns regarding your assigned Healthcare Coach can be directed to Donna Trusso, STARS Project Manager at 716-661-4795.

Q:  Who has access to my medical information and do I have to share my medical information with the Healthcare Coach?

A: You are only required to share the information that you feel is necessary to help you achieve your specific healthcare and wellness goals. All information shared and discussed is strictly confidential.  Any concerns you may have regarding disclosure of personal health information can be directed to TRC’s Privacy Officer, Dennis Carpenter at 485-7275.

Q:  What services/expenses are eligible for reimbursement under the employer-funded FSA ($250) vs. the employee-funded FSA?

A: The employer-funded FSA may be used for unreimbursed medical, vision, and prescription related expenses only. The employee-funded FSA may be used for unreimbursed medical, vision, prescription, and dental related expenses.

Q:  How often do I need to meet with my Health Coach and is it okay just to provide dates of physical/dental appointments if I’m not comfortable sharing my personal health information?

A: You are required to meet with your coach a minimum of three (3) times during the plan year.  You only need to provide written verification of the dates for annual physical and dental appointments. Beyond that, it is up to the employee how much personal information is shared with the Coach.

Q:  Why do I have to have a biometric screening if my doctor already orders blood work?

A: It is a requirement of the STARS plan, to participate in an annual biometric screening free of charge to the employee.  This is a very comprehensive screening.  Aggregate data is used as a basis for comparison to determine whether the STARS Wellness plan is making a difference in the overall health of our workforce, which is necessary as the plan becomes compliance based.

Q:  I heard that I’ll have to meet my health goal in 2017 in order to stay in STARS and get a discount on my health insurance.  Is that true?

A: Yes.  Based on 2016 biometric results, you will be assigned a goal by Interactive Health that you will be required to meet during the 2017 plan year in order to continue to receive a discounted rate on health insurance premiums.  If you are unable to meet your health goal, you may still qualify for the discount by requesting an alternative course of action with your doctor which involves completing a waiver.

Q:  How is my personal health goal set?

A: If your score is: -20 – 0 | Maintain this range / 1 – 25 | Goal will be to reach -20 – 0 range /Above 25 | Improve by 60%