Frequent Asked Questions and Answers regarding the TRC STARS Healthcare plan

Q: My husband would like to sign up for Biometrics through TRC. Is that possible?

A: No. Biometric Screenings are only offered to TRC employees.

Q: Who can I contact with any questions about TRC STARS Healthcare Plan?

A: Donna Trusso, STARS Project Manager at 716-661-4795.

Q: Who will be the Wellness Coach and what if I do not match well with that person?

A: The Wellness Coach that is assigned to you will contact you to schedule an appointment at one of several conveniently-located TRC facilities. Any specific questions or concerns regarding your assigned Wellness Coach can be directed to Donna Trusso, STARS Project Manager at 716-661-4795.

Q: Who has access to my medical information and do I have to share my medical information with the Wellness Coach?

A: You are encouraged to share only the information that you feel is necessary to help you achieve your specific healthcare and wellness goals. All information shared and discussed is strictly confidential.

Q: How often do I need to meet with my Wellness Coach?

A: The number of meetings will be determined when you meet with your Wellness Coach and will be incorporated into your plan.

Q: Why do I have to have a biometric screening if my doctor already orders blood work?

A: It is a requirement of the STARS plan to participate in an annual biometric screening free of charge to the employee. Aggregate data is used as a basis for comparison to determine whether the STARS Wellness plan is making a difference in the overall health of our workforce, which is necessary since the plan is compliance based. Biometric results also provide annual trending to the employee. Please discuss whether it is necessary for additional testing with your Doctor.